Monkey Mash is more than just a new style of bar in Lisbon.

The Bar is strongly rooted in sustainability and how its context is positioned both nationally and internationally.

The difference is in the concept and the way it integrates among dozens of diverse ecological forms, in which our clients can experience a strong constant innovation within a unique cocktail.

We opened this bar with a sustainable mission, in which many of the cocktails have zero waste, and all the others have a very optimized profitability of the ingredients, in which we make several kombuchas with the peel, dehydrate others, layer the pulp, extract the oils from the peel to infuse in the rotavap.

We optimize the ingredient to the maximum.

We don’t print menus, either ours or all the guests, our promotion is all on line.

We have images from our menu encouraging the cleaning of the planet

All the detergents we used are properly certified and environmentally friendly.

Our business cards are on recycled paper.